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About the blog

For the first time for nearly 100 years, we Liberal Democrats are in government, and, if that is where we wish to remain, we need to develop and communicate a coherent philosophy which goes far beyond single issues or protest.

Voters support both the Labour and the Conservative parties for quite clear philosophical positions, rooted in history. For this reason, both parties enjoy substantial core support and respect.

The Liberal Democrats do not immediately enjoy this respect. First, it is a new party bringing together historic Liberalism with Social Democracy, and second until now it has been in part a party of protest.

The 20th century saw the decline of liberalism as a political force in Britain while the ideas of liberalism have become ascendant across Britain and Europe. We live in a liberal world.

But this victory of ideas and of our pragmatic approach to society has not brought great political success. The two main parties draw in these ideas, make them their own and defeat us by blurring the distinction between Liberal Democracy and elements of Conservative or Labour philosophy.

The purpose of this blog is to clarify and to harden the core philosophy and principles of Liberal Democracy to differentiate it from Conservative or Labour philosophy and to help articulate why the people of Britain should actively support Liberal Democracy.

About the author

Between 2005 and 2010 I was a Liberal Democrat councillor for the Bamford ward of Rochdale. I own and run Rochdale-based Composite Textiles, a company specialising in providing bonding, priming and adhesion solutions to the textile and rubber industries.

I live in Rochdale with my wife, Wera, who is the leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Rochdale Council, and our children.

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