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UK Trading Companies, UK Corporation Tax

February 7, 2012

How often have we heard of flagship UK businesses paying little or no UK corporation tax? A lot.

It is not, however, a subject loved by the companies themselves or their shareholders. If tax can be avoided off-shore, then the companies themselves and their shareholders can benefit – and the UK government and UK public services suffer.

There have been some high profile cases in the last few years. Amazon recently has been exposed for registering its UK operation in Luxembourg and gaining a tax-competitive advantage over UK booksellers. Vodafone were exposed for using Luxembourg to avoid tax, then doing a cosy deal with HMRC.

The real question is why the UK should tolerate any tax evasion by companies who are trading and making money within Britain. Trade in Britain and you pay tax in Britain. That should be the expectation and the requirement.

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  1. Jane Al permalink
    February 7, 2012 8:54 pm

    Yes, quite right! Let’s take action……

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